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10 “Must See” Irish Music Festivals for the Summer of 2017

The sun is making an appearance, shorts and shades are out and the beer gardens are being raided, what does that mean? The summer season is upon us and that also brings about some of the island’s best event when it comes to Music and Arts. Below I’ve listed some of the major festivals around the country of Ireland, as well as some local ones here in the South East.

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Weekly Music Updates on

Hey everyone! Just thought I’d use this post to let you all know how the “Music” Section of this wonderful site is going to be most weeks….
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Is the Music Industry Dead?

Private jets, Cristal, €18 CDs and million-dollar recording budgets. Let’s face it, the music industry is well and truly dead. In an age where one artist can single-handedly dominate a Top 20 chart with 16 of his songs, we are in the midst of the greatest music industry disruption of the past 100 years. A fundamental shift has occurred — a shift that Millennials are driving.

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