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Chasing your dream in the age of Procrastination

I am a young person in business and I have found that my biggest challenge is not your competition or the current economic state; it’s procrastination. In a world full of distractions, I think people generally find any excuse not to do something that’s important or simply put off doing it for a little while. Why is this?

Maybe it’s because you lack the skills. For example, when you start playing football the one thing that puts a lot of people off from advancing their game is heading the ball. The fear you might hurt your head. I was like this so I put off heading the ball for a long time.Another reason could be a lack of motivation. If you do not like doing something it can completely be unmotivating to you. You have to understand that most successful people do things they don’t like doing, especially when they were nobodies. They did the things that other people won’t. Read more »

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