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Dealing with Joy Sappers

Have you ever met a Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy? How about a Pessimistic Paul or Disdainful Danny?

We have all encountered these people at one point or another in our lives—those who find fault with everything and everyone around them. I call them joy sappers.

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5 Hacks Every Student Should Use

There are so many little hacks that can make life easier. Especially if you are a student. Here are five hacks that every student should use. Read more »


Start Writing Now

If I could offer one piece of advice to an aspiring writer, it would be to start writing now.

You can read every style manual, how-to-article, and book on the craft, but it won’t replace the physical task of putting pen to paper.  Whether your aim is to create a popular blog or write a bestselling novel, you must sit down and start somewhere. Read more »


Chase Your Dreams

I spend a lot of time writing about dreams. Not the kind you experience when sleeping at night, but the short and long-term dreams you wish to achieve someday. Read more »


The Harder I Work, the Luckier I Get

Do you believe in luck? Most people do. From a young age you’re exposed to it’s existence. That one kid who always seems to win the school raffle. That friend who never gets the blame for anything, despite being the main instigator. Sheer blind luck, the only explanation!

Then, as you grow up, your belief in “luck” is reinforced. You do badly on a test, and watch as a classmate (who seems less studious than you) passes by the skin of their teeth. You don’t make the school football team, your friend gets picked every time. Lucky f**ker! Read more »

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