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United Snub £60m Real Madrid David de Gea Bid

The big transfer news of today is reports coming from Sky Sources that Man United have snubbed £60m Real Madrid bid.

Madrid are years trying to sign De Gea. Read more »


Syrian Families Could Arrive in New Ross

A total of 37 Syrian refugees have arrived to live in Co. Wexford.

They are planned to be housed in and around Wexford town.

Frank Staples, Mayor of Wexford town, has extended welcomes to the families.



10 Things Only Irish People Understand or Say

”Did ya get the shift?” Our little country is filled with funny phrases that only we understand or say. It’s funny when people from abroad visit us and we say a phrase and it has to be explained to them what it means. Or when you go abroad and the home people in that country haven’t heard the phrase. Ah sure look, what can ya do? Read more »


5 Hacks Every Student Should Use

There are so many little hacks that can make life easier. Especially if you are a student. Here are five hacks that every student should use. Read more »


(Photos) New Ross In The Good Old Days

The following photos are from the Facebook group NEW ROSS PICTURED IN THE GOOD DAYS !!.  They are old photos that I found interesting. Looks so different! If you have any photos feel free to share. Take a look. Enjoy.  Read more »


(Video) New Ross: An Ariel View

If you are from, or live in New Ross, this video will interest you. Beautiful background music by the New Ross Pipe Band,  its a video of Bunscoil Rís and Bunscoil Nic Amhlaidh, but the video oversees the entire town from a helicopter view. Read more »


Rates Set By Council Damaging Business Activity in New Ross

This weeks New Ross Standard is filled with intriguing articles. The most intriguing one, to me, is the one regarding the rates that businesses must pay in New Ross. I am proud of our little town and I have views that I am going to express. It’s great to see a businessman in town step up to express their opinion. Emmett Ronan, who owns and operates Harveys Coffee House has brought to light, to the public, exactly how hard it is to try run a successful business in New Ross. The article wrote by David Looby on the issue is as excellent as Emmett’s coffee.  Read more »


Why You Need To Watch ”Billions”

Showtime’s Billions is perhaps one of the best shows on television right now. It is one of the smartest written shows too. In my eyes the show is under appreciated. The show follows the story of a New York district attorney Charles ”Chuck” Rhodes Jr (Paul Giamatti) battling it out with hedge fund manager Bobby ”Axe” Axelrod, for his shady economic deeds.  Read more »


Beware of the ”Blue Whale” Game

There is an online game called ”Blue Whale”, if your kids have this app on their phone remove it immediately. The game sets up 50 challenges and at the end the person is to commit suicide.

It has already caused damage to teens across the world.  Read more »


BREAKING: Ibrahimovic Breaks Silence

Manchester United’s highest goalscorer this season has spoken about his injury he received during the Europa League last week.

The striker said on his Instagram;  Read more »

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