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The Handmaid’s Tale, Episode 1 Review

In today’s political climate, George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four isn’t the only book about a horrific, sterile, censored future that’s been making a comeback. Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale has come to the screen thanks to Hulu, and the first episode promises to deliver a dark, thrilling series. Read more »


“Thin Ice”: What does this mean for Capaldi’s Doctor?

The latest episode of BBC’s Doctor Who saw our hero and his new companion, Bill, land on the Thames during the last great Frost Fair – London, 1814. We see Bill (literally) make a splash in this episode written by Sarah Dollard (who also penned the emotional season 9 episode “Face the Raven”). But does the episode also offer us a few hints of what’s to come this season? Here are a few of my thoughts on what “Thin Ice” might mean for the future of Capaldi’s character. Read more »


Why should you watch “Thirteen Reasons Why”? Here are some reasons….

I recently lost a chunk of my life to Netflix’s Thirteen Reasons Why, and am left feeling grateful that a show like this exists, and that it’s been doing so well with its audience. If you haven’t succumbed to binge-watching peer pressure, then perhaps I can persuade you.

I was going to push this list to thirteen reasons, but even I won’t go that far for a mediocre joke, so here are my ten:

  1. The teenage angst. We all love to reflect on our school days and the things we used to worry about, right?
  2. The nostalgia. In a technology-saturated world, I think we all crave a bit of retro, and Thirteen Reasons Why dials back on modern tech with some good old-fashioned cassette tapes
  3. Read more »

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