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Will Manchester United Be Able To Hold On To David De Gea?

As a devoted fan of Man United, or any football club, one thing we seek in our clubs is to hold on to the players we love and whom are most important.

At Old Trafford perhaps our most beloved and important player is David De Gea. In a post Sir Alex Ferguson era, not many United fans would even blame De Gea if he wanted to leave the club. The Goalkeeper has been our best player pretty much every season since the last time the team won the League title. 

The Spaniard is in high demand and he would walk in to any team in the world if he wanted to. De Gea has given his all but the same can’t be said for all his teammates. There is such thing as loyalty I understand that and agree with that. However, De Gea should be winning Champions Leagues and League titles and play in a team where the team is set up to win titles. It is not like that at United at the moment but it looks like they could get there eventually.

De Gea has stated he is happy at Old Trafford so there shouldn’t be any major concern regarding him leaving. United have held off Real Madrid and maybe the only other team in the world that can persuade him is Juventus.



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