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Should Pogba Be United Captain?

It is a weird time to be a Manchester United fan. In a period where United should be doing a lot better, with glimpse of good hope, all that is missing is confidence. Very slowly the team seem to be getting that confidence that they desperately need. One player that is a prime example of this is Paul Pogba. 

There is no questioning the Frenchman’s abilities. When he plays well he is the best player by a mile on the pitch. In the opening game against Leicester he was man of the match and his performances dipped for several weeks after that and United won very little points in the Premier League.

The last three games, two of which were tough matches against Chelsea and Juventus, he done well and the team did well. United need him to do well from the kick off in the first half of every match. The games against Newcastle, Chelsea and Juventus, his first half performance wasn’t great but as the game went on and whatever was said at half time, the real Pogba showed up.

On Tuesday’s clash with Juventus, he was our only player to do any sort of threatening attacking. Pogba got frustrated with his three attackers and he let them know about it. It got me thinking, maybe Pogba should become the captain of the team.

The players seem to look up to him and when he plays well, the entire team seems to do better. The fans got very loud coming into the second half and each play was almost always created by Pogba.

Perhaps he needs a better partner in midfield. If only Paul Scholes or Roy Keane were around!


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