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Romelu Lukaku: Not Good Enough Or A Severe Lack Of Service?

Following Tuesday nights champions league clash with Juventus, I felt the need to write about the Belgium striker.

Lukaku practically had no impact in the clash. I have the question…is he not good enough or is he lacking the service he should get?

In a game with plenty of balls hoofed up to him he barely won a header but at the same time when he did win the ball there was no player within 20 yards of him. I don’t consider him a target man, though. Perhaps he is best suited to push out to the flanks or face defenders and make runs. Pogba should be providing him with over the top passes but never seems to be in a position to do that.

Certain things can be said to defend him but one thing he doesn’t do is go looking for the ball. Harry Kane works like a horse when he doesn’t have the ball. That is what Lukaku needs to do.

Another question, why doesn’t he ever get substituted? Martial or Rashford up front tonight would have done much better than him. In Jose’s eyes he is untouchable.

One thing that is for certain, he needs a goal very soon.


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