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Klopp Says His Players Have ”Laser Focus” On Success

The Liverpool manager has insisted his players have ”laser focus” on bringing success back to Anfield but says there is still room for improvement.

Liverpool are second in group c and the manager had this to say in his press conference. 

“Our focus is always on what we can do and what we can achieve, and we relish this challenge,” he said in Liverpool’s matchday programme. “Results-wise we are in a really good moment, but we know performance-wise there is improvement to come.

“There is so much to admire about how the players have approached these opening months and it is undoubtedly pleasing to be winning with the knowledge that we have more to come.

“After Huddersfield the majority of the questions I faced was about winning ‘ugly’ and winning when ‘not being at our best’. Some presented it as a positive and others asked whether it was a concern.

“To be honest it is neither – it is just the situation and it is information. This group of players have the laser focus of being successful for our club, our supporters, our team and themselves. They are willing to listen and learn and develop. They embrace the pressure and expectation that comes at Liverpool where you need to do all this while also winning.

“I love seeing how self-critical they are because it shows how much it matters. This sort of attitude also bodes well for nights like this – because I don’t need to tell them that if they don’t work harder than our opponent we won’t get the result we want.”


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