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New Ross Man ”Afraid” To Walk Across The Bridge In Fear Of Being Accused Of Inappropriate Activity With Travelling Escorts

This morning a middle aged man claims he no longer walks across the New Ross bridge leading to Rosbercon in fear of being accused of buying an escort.

Paul Twocock lives in The Bullawn in New Ross and says he no longer wants to visit his mates that live in the Moorings. . Mr Twocock says the last time he walked over the bridge, he got a big jeering in the pub the next day as the locals kept saying he only went ‘that side of town’ for the women that sell themselves in the pop up brothel. 

I only wanted to see a few mates. I have no interest in the escorts as I am a happily married man. My wife would kill me if I cheated on her. And I like being alive. I got the piss taking out of me in the boozer and everyone saying ”heard you were over the moorings for a bit of South American pie”. Its crazy to think you no longer can walk past the bridge without being accused of these things.

The Bullawn man has had enough and said for everyone to ‘cop on’.



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