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Man Sues Pub For Still Being Depressed After ‘Happy Hour’

An Irishman is suing ‘The Failed Scholar’, a pub in the South East of Ireland for still not being happy after ‘Happy Hour’. Happy Hour is an ancient long marketing tactic used by pub-landlords to attract people to their pubs with lower prices on the booze.

Chris P. Bacon is a 34 year old Waterford man who heard about happy hour in the New Ross pub. Chris thought to himself; ‘this is the perfect solution for my depression’.

Chris has many problems and  was left bitterly disappointed when ‘happy hour’ didn’t cure his depression. Chris said he was still very tired and had a long day at work therefore was looking forward to an hour of happiness.

I went into the pub and some people were happy and some people were about to start a fight. I had my suspicions that this wasn’t what I thought it would be but I gave it a go. I went to the bar to order a pint of Bulmers and it was only two euro. I said to the bar lady, are you charging me the correct price? To which she replied ”yes, its happy hour, which means prices are cheaper for the next hour”.

Chris grabbed the pint from the bar and proceeded to mix with the locals. This is where it started to go down hill. The Waterford man tried to chat up a lady to which she replied ”F**k off back to Bla land you moron”.

Chris left the pub and is suing the pub for false marketing and said he will never step foot in New Ross again.


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