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April 21, 2018

Opinion: Enough Was Enough For Arsenal Fans

by Raymond Forte

Various reports around England suggest that Arsene Wenger was told he must quit the club he loves or would face termination. The once miracle-worker had lost his touch in the last 5 seasons or so and pressure was mounting for results that didn’t come. 

Season ticket holders were beginning to not turn up or leave matches early. Although I would never walk out on my team I do understand their reasoning. Frustration, anger and disappointment became the norm for the gunners and their fans. A club that charges their fans the highest ticket prices should at least expect progress.

And progress is not something that Arsenal have been making. All the other ‘big’ clubs around them are either successful in the last 5 seasons or are on their way there.

Man United – Although at times they are frustrating to watch, they are going to finish second in the League. They could get into the FA Cup final. Won the Europa League last season. Not too bad but they must improve.

Liverpool – will possibly finish third in the League and make it to the final of the champions league – Europe’s biggest prize for clubs.

Chelsea – Although they had a really poor season, they won the League last season and will for sure have a better season next season. The same cannot be said for Arsenal – fans fear it could get worse.

Man City – don’t need to discuss them as they have just won the Premier League.

Spurs – Each season they are progressively doing better. I think even Arsenal fans will agree with me!

Enough was enough, I guess. However, a massive amount of respect must be given to Arsene and NOBODY can question his love for the club and also, always had the clubs best interest at heart.

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