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August 14, 2017

Manchester United – Amazing and Brilliant Start To The Season

by Raymond Forte

Oh my, where do I begin? Yesterday, Manchester United vs. West Ham, at Old Trafford was perhaps United’s best performance post Ferguson era. I did not see the match live but it was the very first thing I did after work. United were amazing. There hasn’t been many times I said that about the team in the past couple years.

Matic gave a world class performance and it looks like he could be the most vital part of the team. His passing was immense and had an impressive 87 touches throughout the game. Matic in the team frees Pogba.  It was evident in yesterdays game how much more time Pogba got to stay closer to the oppositions goal as oppose to tracking back. His arrival has added so much balance to the midfield. United look much more organised and the determination to attack today was brilliant. I think Matic’s work rate motivated the entire team.

There was just something about the performance yesterday. It has been so long since United played that well and that exciting.

Lukaku was powerful and clinical. That is what is expected of him. Lukaku must perform like that in every match going forward.

Phil Jones played well. I think Matic offered much needed protection for Jones and Bailly, I can’t remember a time in the game where either of them were under pressure.

That’s all I have time for. A quick post for the beginning of the season. I will try write often!

Great start to the season can’t wait for upcoming fixtures.

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