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May 27, 2017

Dealing with Joy Sappers

by Jeuron

Have you ever met a Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy? How about a Pessimistic Paul or Disdainful Danny?

We have all encountered these people at one point or another in our lives—those who find fault with everything and everyone around them. I call them joy sappers.

These people remind me of the Big Bad Wolf from “Little Red Riding Hood.” You can sense their huffing and puffing from a mile away. How horrible it must be to live this way!

I desire for others to feel joy and relief when they enter my presence, not worry and fear.

Despite how bad things get I will never become a joy sapper. While there are certain aspects of my life that aren’t going how I would like for them to be right now, I’m thankful for the many blessings I have.

So how do you deal with a joy sapper? My best advice is to let your light shine through.

Committing such simple acts as giving them a smile or an encouraging word can go a long way toward lightening their mood. When they begin spewing their negative garbage around you, try changing the conversation to something more positive. Eventually, your cheerful disposition may rub off on them.

You should also be wise enough to realize that some people are unwilling to change. The best thing you can do when they reach this point is to wish them well from a distance. Misery loves company and there is nothing they enjoy more than bringing others down to their level.

Don’t let them do it.

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