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May 13, 2017

10 Things Only Irish People Understand or Say

by Raymond Forte

”Did ya get the shift?” Our little country is filled with funny phrases that only we understand or say. It’s funny when people from abroad visit us and we say a phrase and it has to be explained to them what it means. Or when you go abroad and the home people in that country haven’t heard the phrase. Ah sure look, what can ya do?

  1. Yoke. No, we don’t mean the yellow middle part of an egg. Yoke can be everything and anything. Someone’s acting silly…..”ah here, would you look at that yoke?!” or ”Pass me that yoke and I will change the channel”.
  2. Ah sure, you know yourself. When answering a question you have no intention of answering or getting into conversation about.
  3. Anyone drinking water in a pub will be presumed ill, pregnant – or simply someone who can’t be trusted. The Irish sure love a good point!
  4. Let’s go for a few scoops! Meaning,  lets go for a drink in the pub.
  5. Let’s go on the piss. Like above, let’s go for a drink in the pub.
  6. Put your dinner in the bing. This simply means put your dinner in the microwave.
  7. We are going ”out out”. This means, the people are going to a nightclub and not the pub.
  8. Did you get the shift? No, it doesn’t mean you are working more. It means did you snog a young one!
  9. A young one. A lovely Irish female.
  10. Bye….bye….bye….bye….~takes breath~…..bye. Saying goodbye on the phone.

Have any funny Irish sayings or doings? Let us know below!

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