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April 17, 2017


Why should you watch “Thirteen Reasons Why”? Here are some reasons….

by Niamh Crosbie

I recently lost a chunk of my life to Netflix’s Thirteen Reasons Why, and am left feeling grateful that a show like this exists, and that it’s been doing so well with its audience. If you haven’t succumbed to binge-watching peer pressure, then perhaps I can persuade you.

I was going to push this list to thirteen reasons, but even I won’t go that far for a mediocre joke, so here are my ten:

  1. The teenage angst. We all love to reflect on our school days and the things we used to worry about, right?
  2. The nostalgia. In a technology-saturated world, I think we all crave a bit of retro, and Thirteen Reasons Why dials back on modern tech with some good old-fashioned cassette tapes
  3. The soundtrack. The show’s atmosphere hangs somewhere between bittersweet and heart-wrenching, and even has Selena Gomez on board with some great tunes
  4. It’s unapologetic. While certain episodes come with a warning from Netflix regarding certain sensitive topics (I promised myself I wouldn’t include any spoilers), the show is brutally honest about a number of issues that would usually be censored
  5. The characters. The show portrays well-rounded characters who break free of the stereotypes set up by the typical high school drama
  6. Its portrayal of mental health. It shines a light on the failure of modern society to detect mental illness – or even to recognise or address mental illness when it is shown to us
  7. Its complicated morality. It complicates the distinction between “good” and “bad” characters (in most cases). By the end, you won’t know who you should or shouldn’t feel sorry for anymore
  8. Its portrayal of grief. Unlike most narratives that deal with suicide, Thirteen Reasons Why begins with one, rather than culminating with one. What we see is the aftermath of a young person’s suicide, which we rarely see in mainstream media
  9. Its diversity. The racial, cultural and sexual range across the students at Liberty High is apparent, yet isn’t needlessly highlighted
  10. Its take on rape culture. The show highlights victim shaming and the burying of cases in order to preserve the status quo

All thirteen episodes of Thirteen Reasons Why are available to watch on Netflix.

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  1. becc4p
    Jun 25 2017

    I found some of 13 Reasons Why to romanticise mental health but overall completely agree! Lovely post x

    Liked by 1 person


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