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Wexford Man Gets The ”Shite Bet Out Of Him” For Not Liking Dancing At The Crossroads

On Saturday night, the Stores in Wexford town was rocking. The ladies were out, the tunes were playing and the drinks were flowing.

The famous Wexford hurling song, Dancing at the Crosroads, came on. The dance floor was hopping!  Read more »


BREAKING: New Ross Man Arrested Over Late Return Of Library Book

A New Ross man, whom we must keep anonymous is staying in the New Ross Garda station tonight over the late return of a library book.

The book, ”The Da Vinci Code” was loaned out in March of 2003. It was only returned last night and there is a bill of over 30.000 euros.  Read more »


BREAKING: Peter Casey Does Not ”Give A F**k” What Anyone Thinks And Is One Of First Politicians To Be Honest In Public

After making comments about Ireland’s social welfare, deeming the country a ”Welfare State”, Peter Casey has announced the race is back on for presidency as more of the country are now behind him.

Speaking to IdioticGenius.Com, Mr Casey says; Read more »


Man Opens Box of Quality Street Only To Find A Sewing Kit AND Refuses To Talk To His Wife

A Wexford man and woman are on the verge of divorce.

34 year Brian Mannion arrived home from work after a hard days graft. The kettle was put on and he went to the goodie press. A box of quality street was in it. However, as he opened it, the box was filled with sewing materials.

Brian confronted his wife about the situation to which she replied; Read more »


New Ross Man ”Afraid” To Walk Across The Bridge In Fear Of Being Accused Of Inappropriate Activity With Travelling Escorts

This morning a middle aged man claims he no longer walks across the New Ross bridge leading to Rosbercon in fear of being accused of buying an escort.

Paul Twocock lives in The Bullawn in New Ross and says he no longer wants to visit his mates that live in the Moorings. . Mr Twocock says the last time he walked over the bridge, he got a big jeering in the pub the next day as the locals kept saying he only went ‘that side of town’ for the women that sell themselves in the pop up brothel.  Read more »


WWE Star John Cena Accidentally Tells Blind Kid ”You Can’t See Me”

WWE wrestler and actor John Cena made a blinder earlier today to a Make-A-Wish foundation kid.

Little Jeremy Johnson’s only wish was to meet and greet his hero, John Cena. The multiple time world champion waved his hand in front of the 8 year old boys face inside Denver’s children’s hospital.  Read more »


Man Sues Pub For Still Being Depressed After ‘Happy Hour’

An Irishman is suing ‘The Failed Scholar’, a pub in the South East of Ireland for still not being happy after ‘Happy Hour’. Happy Hour is an ancient long marketing tactic used by pub-landlords to attract people to their pubs with lower prices on the booze.

Chris P. Bacon is a 34 year old Waterford man who heard about happy hour in the New Ross pub. Chris thought to himself; ‘this is the perfect solution for my depression’.

Read more »


President Higgins Wants To Fight Conor McGregor + Wants ALL Proceeds To Go Towards Dog Grooming Bill

Astonishing news coming from the first presidential debate as the current president has stated that he wants to fight UFC Star Conor McGregor inside the Octagon  at Croke Park on New Years Eve.

The President said;

 I, Michael D Higgins, am issuing a challenge to Conor ‘the ridiculous’ McGregor to a mixed martial arts fight at Croke Park on New Years Eve. I want to show, to all of you great people, that I am a strong leader and that I am the right man to represent our beautiful nation going forward.

Read more »


BREAKING NEWS: New Ross to be renamed ‘’New Ross Kennedy’’

News has just broke from the local council that New Ross will be renamed to ‘’New Ross Kennedy’’ in memory of America’s 35th president.

A spokesperson of the local council said,

‘’ our aim is to name everything in the town Kennedy. We managed to get the new bridge named the ‘Rose Kennedy Bridge’.

Despite the people of the town wanting it to be named the ‘Pink Rock Bridge’ the council claims the voting was fairly recorded. Read more »

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